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Well, this is my blog about food.  Well, was about just food.  Now, it's evolved into a whole lot more!

Many of you may have found me through Pinterest or a search for some allergen-friendly baked goods- Welcome!  You may notice I have recipes listed here from several years back.  Pumpkin's Pantry was originally a food journey of mine into healthy, allergen-friendly eating, filled with extra healthy recipes, many free of top food allergens/ sensitivities.  Yet, the original intent of this blog has changed.

Now I've titled the blog my own name.
Becoming parents the way we chose, through foster care and then adoption was a hard road.   And after we adopted, we felt led to create a safe, supporting place for parents like us and started a non-profit.  While in the non-profit world, my primary role was Parent Education and Support.  Nowadays, I feel less and less "qualified" to give parenting advice in the same way I used to.  I've also been on a year of two of Growth and Unbecoming.  How come no one tells you when you are young, that when you get older you gradually know less and less!  Some things I was so definitely sure of a couple years ago are now completely up in the air!  (Also, I was a really good parent before I became a parent! ;)  I've learned that the best way to support and help others is to be there for them, not to try and give the "best" advice.  To be with them in those times when they are feeling the burden of shame and loss of what to do next.

So things look more like that here these days.  For example, I eat gluten-free, but the kids sometimes fudge a little.  I also try to keep our family low-sugar, but we have lollipops hanging out in our pantry ;).   We've found that Minimalism, less stuff, less obligations...more less, this helps us have more space in our minds, bodies, and hearts for the Greater Things and yet, sometimes I cannot see my bedroom floor due to all the clothes, pillows, boxes, kleenex, etc!  I'm learning this is a season for meeting my own needs first.  I love my children fiercely, but I am not their savior.  It's not my job to save them from every molecule of gluten, or even to keep them free of emotional pain.  I do know this: I am enough.

If Being Enough is something you struggle with too, this is a safe space for you.  If you want to know how to make dairy-free swiss meringue buttercream, this is also the place where you can find that too ;)  If you want to visit another space I live, The Practical Minimalist Podcast, head over there for more on Freedom with Less!

Blessings to you and your people!

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